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Autistic Characteristics


The Davis Autism Approach has been designed by an autistic genius to gently and progressively unlock the beautiful minds and gifts of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Programs Offered:

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Davis Autism Approach®

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The program is designed to facilitate an understanding of the basic life concepts and self-regulatory skills that were missed, blocked or reduced due to autistic characteristics. Building a foundation for self and social development, allowing for fuller participation in the life they choose.

Stepping Stones I


The purpose of the Davis Stepping Stones program is to facilitate the individual to complete essential early childhood developmental stages which are missed, blocked, or reduced due to autistic characteristics, through integrating foundational life concepts and developing self-regulation skills.

Stepping Stones II


The purpose of the Stepping Stones 2 program is to build upon the previously acquired Davis Stepping Stones concepts and self regulation skills, while facilitating additional foundational early childhood development.

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