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Davis Autism Approach®


The Davis Autism Approach has been designed by an autistic genius to gently and progressively unlock the beautiful minds and gifts of individuals on the autism spectrum. Learn more about Ron Davis and his impactful story!

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The Davis Autism Approach program has three targeted areas, Individuation, Identity Development, and Social Integration. Individuation is having a clear sense of self that is separate from all others and their environment, recognizing their own wants, thoughts, and desires. We help initiate and stimulate this process with the auditory tool called the Ting. Identity development is strengthened while mastering self-regulation tools, such as the Energy Dial and Focus and Release, which help a person connect with and understand the world around them. While perceiving from a stable place of orientation, they discover how their emotions play a major role in motivation and responsibility. This program also helps bridge the missing social pieces that accompany autism as they explore four foundational relationships and understand behavioral patterns.

“If I could find my own way through this chaos [of autism] I could provide a ‘map’ for others of my kind to follow, then there would be value in my existence.  The Davis Autism Approach is my best effort at providing that map.”

 – Ron Davis, Founder



Highly trained, caring Davis Autism Approach Facilitators work individually with each client, so the program is delivered at their pace and according to their needs and goals. The program follows a three-part process:

First, the focus is on self-regulation and harmonizing neural networks by listening to the auditory orientation sound.

Second, a series of fundamental concepts are created using the multisensory medium of plastilina clay, and are explored in the environment and in daily life.

The final component, social integration, facilitates social awareness through exploring the different types of relationships and behaviors we have with others.

Self Regulation Tools

Auditory Orientation - Focus
Stress Management - Release
Energy Regulation - Dial

Program  Length

60 – 120 hours

and dependent on the level of family support with the exploration


8 years – Adult 

Reading Student
Learning Content

Learning Content

Concepts - New Foundations

Physical World Concepts - change, consequence, (cause, effect, before, after) time, sequence, order and disorder.

Thought World Concepts – continue, survive, perception, thought, experience, knowledge, wisdom, understanding.

Instinctual (Feeling) World Concepts – urge, energy, force, emotion, want, need, intention.

Advanced Concepts – motivation, ability, control, responsibility.

Relationship and Behavior Concepts– trust, belief, agree, rules, bad, good, right and wrong.

Integration of Concepts

  • Experiencing the concepts in everyday life

  • Establishing order in the physical environment

  • Establishing new orders of behavior

  • Developing self-responsibility

  • Strengthening executive functioning skills

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self created energy

Program Options:

Fully Facilitated 

A Davis Autism Approach Facilitator will take the individual through the full program, while coaching their support person on how to reinforce the learning at home, school, work, or in a therapy setting.  ​

Facilitated  and Coached

A Davis Autism Approach Facilitator will take the individual through the initial part of the program, and coach their support person to take them through the remainder of the program at home, school, work, or in a therapy setting.

Homework Help
Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Although no specific changes can be guaranteed, in almost all cases positive and lasting changes have been experienced. These are some examples of the types of improvements Davis Autism Facilitators regularly see in their clients’ ability to participate more fully in life. These outcomes are in the process of being verified through independent research: ​

  • Less anxiety 

  • Greater sense of self 

  • Reduced sensory overload symptoms 

  • Reduced or less intense emotional meltdowns 

  • Greater capacity to cope with change  

  • More willing to try new things

  • Greater ability to cause a change in your life 

  • Increased ability to take part in daily activities and create order in your life

  • Better interpersonal communication skills 

  • Lower social anxiety 

  • Better able to establish and maintain relationships with others

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