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Study Skills 101 Boot Camp

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

-Helen Keller

Study Skills 101 is designed to help aspiring middle and high school students identify their personal learning strengths and improve study habits. Students will create a purpose driven mission statement and learn how to set clear goals and action plans to guide their future. This course focuses on how the brain learns and the fundamental skills of active learning. Hands-on activities include Thought Mapping, Time Management, Active Reading Skills, Active Listening, Note-Taking, Test Prep and Strategies for Test Taking. Students will engage in activities to enhance memory and learn how to encode (store) information for instant recall. They will also learn how to focus their attention and learn Stress-Management skills. This course will equip students with important life skills that will help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Success is not the absence of failure. It’s the persistence through failure.

- A.T.

Learning how to set proper goals using the SMART method is foundational in the lifelong journey of navigating the highs, lows, and detours that often occur when setting out to achieve a goal. The tools learned in the SMART method; plus, self-motivation techniques will equip your student to persevere in all areas of life.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

- William James

As a developing teen growing into adulthood, having skills to focus their attention and manage stress in the academic arena and beyond is essential for post-covid living. With every thought we have, we experience a physiological (electrical & chemical) reaction in the body. Learning how to self-regulate in stressful situations and/or refocus our attention is mandatory for daily living. Students will learn the tools of Release, Dial and Thought Mapping.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela.

Learning comes easy for some, but not all. Academic success is having the right skills during each phase of the journey. Learning how the brain stores information for long-term memory is an enjoyable activity students of all academic strengths will develop and practice during Boot Camp. Training the mind to Actively Read and Listen for comprehension is quite different than simply reading the assigned chapter in a textbook or looking in the direction of the speaker. These skills and the individual skillsets for Note Taking, Test Taking & Test Prep will prepare your student to actively engage in their life-long learning adventures. Be part of the experience.

Students will be given the Victus Study Skills System Student Workbook Level 3.

ISBN 978-1-62341-304-0

Must bring to Boot Camp:

A 3-ring notebook with paper, pencil, and highlighter.

A daily planner with hourly time slots.


Parents Recommendations- Study Skills Camp


I highly recommend attending the learning camp. The two biggest takeaways that my daughters learned were the following: one was called the peg system that helps them memorize items easier. This has been a struggle for them and now they have the tools to do this.
The second one was how to shorten your note taking especially when a teacher is lecturing.
Mary teaches your kids at their pace so no youth is left behind. My girls also report having a lot of fun which you don’t hear that when attending school. 
I’m so happy my girls went through this program and again I highly recommend it

Francesca Ruble


My daughter just had the most amazing week!! She is 11 years old and going into the sixth grade. Not only did she learn how the brain works and the science behind learning, she also acquired skills and tips to help her study habits both now AND for her high school and college years. This class is very well put together and packed with useful, practical information. We highly can recommend it!!!


Teresa Patton


My daughter attended Mary Martin’s Study Skills Camp. I was so impressed by Mary’s desire to help young people learn and develop the necessary skills they need to be successful in school and further into their future careers. My daughter gained valuable knowledge that is not typically taught in traditional education. I feel certain the tips my daughter received will help her to excel in so many areas. Thank you, Mary. I can hardly wait to see the benefits when school starts back!!


Natalie Tilson


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