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Building Bridges for the Mind unifies families and individuals while building foundational neural pathways to wholeness. Recalibrating the mind and heart by providing the skills, knowledge, and conceptual understanding that one will require to achieve their maximum potential in life.

Welcome to Building Bridges. I specialize in two diverse programs, working with all age ranges. These include The Davis programs and The Compass program.


The Davis programs are designed to help individuals on the Autism Spectrum or anyone experiencing Executive Functioning issues by filling in the missing conceptual, behavioral, and social concepts that are necessary to succeed in life. Exploring concepts such as change, consequence, time, sequence, order-and-disorder, we gain a greater understanding of the world around us and learn how to create order in our environment. Working through this program we discover how our perceptions, thoughts, and emotions play a major role in self-motivation and needed skills to take responsibility for our day to day activities. During the social concepts we identify four different types of relationships people experience while socializing with others, and the behavior patterns that affect the relationship. Other key components to the program include establishing order in our environment, create new orders of behavior, and complete a set of responsibility exercises to build confidence while integrating this new information.


We discover the concepts in three ways. First by having a conversation around the concept and what it means. Next, we use plastilina clay to create each concept for multi-sensory  learning, then we explore and connect the concept to real-world experiences for future thinking and behavior development.

The Compass program is a Developmental Neuromotor movement-based program  which strengthens weak and/or builds new neural connections in the nervous system, the command center for the mind (cognitive ability) and body (motor planning). During this program we focus on integrating the primitive and postural reflexes, the building blocks responsible for completing each stage of development within the early years of life which aid in the development of our executive functioning skills. When reflexes remain open or unintegrated, the next stage of development is hindered, disorganization occurs within the nervous system, and learning becomes difficult. Areas that are impacted by retained reflexes are: speech (speaking & verbalizing thoughts), auditory (hearing) and visual (seeing) processing, cognition (thinking, remembering, judging & problem-solving), focus and concentration, movement (motor planning), vestibular activity ( balance and eye movments), behavior, dyslexia (reading), dyscalculia (math), dysgraphia (writing), timing, sequencing, spatial reasoning, working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility. Movement is the catalyst for all learning and development. 



Cognitive Developmental Therapy Services

Each of the programs are designed to fit a very specific need as they help individuals and families navigate through the overwhelm of cognitive roadblocks. Each program gently assist in the development of building new neural pathways while strengthening weak connections. Depending upon the need of the individual, we choose a program that will best support the growth and development for the family as a whole. Roadblocks include:

  • ADHD

  • Attention/Focus Problems

  • Auditory Processing 

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Cognitive Delays

  • Emotional Challenges

  • Executive Functions

  • Inflexibility

  • Non-specific Developmental Delays

  • Poor Balance/Coordination

  • Sensory Processing 

  • Social Integration

  • Visual Processing 


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Mary Martin

Cognitive Developmental Therapist
Certified Equipping Minds®
Licensed Davis Autism Approach®  

Davis® Concepts for Life Facilitator


Mary Martin is the founder and heart of Building Bridges for the Mind. Although she enjoys the outdoors with a good cup of coffee in her hand, her highest priority is the development of the minds and hearts of not only her children, but the hundreds of others she has had the opportunity to teach over the years. Standing in the trenches with her own family unpacking Spectrum Disorders, learning challenges, and motor deficiencies pushed her to become a Certified Cognitive Developmental Therapist and a Licensed Davis Autism Approach® and Concepts for Life Facilitator®.

With a background in anatomy and a strong curiosity for the human psyche, she has discovered programs that consider the whole person and not simply a diagnosis or a label. Having taken one of her own daughters through these life-changing programs that Building Bridges offers, Mary has seen the dynamic results firsthand and yearned to share her knowledge with the world. She has quickly become a beacon of light for other families that her daughters can be extremely proud of.




"I have noticed a lot of positive changes in my life. I feel happier within my body and more confident on the outside - so I feel like a totally new me. I feel that all of parts of the program really have helped me and will help me enjoy life and be happy being me in a wonderful, beautiful world with lots of opportunities and experiences to look forward to. I can enjoy living a normal life and see life in all perspectives.  I can’t explain how much it has meant to me and all of my family."

Amelliane, Davis Autism Approach client

“This program has helped me to understand the world better.  It has helped me to have a sense of purpose and to understand the meaning of choice.  It is also helping to make my separation anxiety go away. I am becoming a lot more confident.”

Isaac, Davis Autism Approach client

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"We are so grateful for the impact of the Davis program and Equipping Minds on our daughter. Destiny has struggled with academic and behavior issues for most of her life, but they began to seriously impact her schoolwork and her relationships just before the tween years. Her ADHD was severe and her lack of impulse control endangered her and made her violent against her siblings.


With the dedicated guidance of Mary Martin, we watched Destiny work through the skills and exercises of Equipping Minds. She grew faster, more confident, and we all benefited from working through the activities with her. She continues to improve and has a more mature approach to academic challenges, seeing them more as challenges and less like obstacles. The Davis program helped her learn to identify and express her emotions verbally, instead of in the form of violent impulses. Mary also taught US how to set and enforce clear expectations. Destiny had a list of requirements she had to complete each day in order to earn privileges. If she refused to comply, we enforced consequences and she eventually learned that harmony in our home was worth her effort.


She just turned 13 and the difference in her behavior is night and day. Her schoolwork has improved. Her relationships with her siblings have improved. Her participation in her chores at home is so much better. Her attitude has improved and we are very pleased for her! Destiny is adopted and we have always held on to the scripture, Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” We believe that her future is bright and we certainly attribute at least part of that progress to her time working through the Davis Program and Equipping Minds. We are forever grateful for Mary and her intervention."


Holly Melendez, parent

"I have been very pleased with the way the Davis approach has helped my kiddo. It seems to really help him in two particular areas. 

First, in everyday routines. He has had more success following basic directions and completing tasks. I typically reference the topic “Order” that was covered in the curriculum. Second, when challenges arise with other individuals I am able to refer to certain concepts (emotion, trust, right, wrong) that he mastered via the curriculum. He then typically calms down and is reasonable! In short the sessions helped him establish a way to organize the world around him."


Liz Smith, parent and support person of Davis Autism Approach client